As we are approaching summers, what’s the first basic thing that you want to be in top working condition in summers. I know you would say that the foremost are Ac’s to beat the heat, but Sir, it should be reminded that our most essential need is not cool air, but clean water. And who gives that clean water at home, Our very old Water Purifier. But what if one day you go to the kitchen and it doesn’t work. Relax, don’t get panicky, just dial Lifeasy and our best technicians would come to your home and solve the problem in no time.

So, if your Water Purifier Services is giving the following problems, time to book an appointment at Lifeasy …



The main work of a water purifier is to dispense room temperature water, but if its giving out warm water, your purifier is need for a check. You can check the wall socket or the cable wires. But if both the things are working properly, time to call a verified technician from Lifeasy, because water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Let the team from Lifeasy see it and give you a solution.


It’s a bad and serious sight to see water on the floor as it can lead to accidents and can look dirty too. Don’t waste time and call Lifeasy immediately and the professionals would attend to your woes. They can see whether the drip tray might be full or your water purifier may be experiencing cracks. The team at Lifeasy would scrutinize the whole situation and offer replacement of the parts if any.


One of the very basic problems that we get while using a purifier is that water is not coming in the tap. Don’t take charge yourself, instead book an appointment at Lifeasy and our trusted professionals would see whether there is an airlock which is causing the problem or the candle has an issue.


If you water purifier gives out an odour, don’t take it likely and immediately call the trusted people from Lifeasy and let them sanitize your water purifier. They would see the root cause of the problem and solve it using their own equipment.

Water Purifier these days is not a luxury but an essential commodity for our livelihood and when it gives problems, the whole house hold gets tensed. But with Lifeasy you can breathe a sigh of relief. Lifeasy is a leading name in providing household services at your convenience and budget with their team of trusted, verified and experienced professionals. So, relax, sip a coffee and just log on to Lifeasy or download their app and let your water woes go away.