Fixing your bathroom tap: Top plumbing problems in Bathrooms that bog you down

by Lifeasy
Birth room Tap Fitting

Plumbing problems occur out of the blue, give you a jolt and leave you anxious. The problem may be such that it needs immediate attention and assistance. This can be possible only if you are trained in handling such plumbing problems and if that it is not the case, you have to have a professional plumber to save you from the mess created by plumbing issues. This is because plumbing problems occurring in bathroom taps create discomfort on a daily basis which leads you to a frantic search of a trained plumber who can fix the problem at one go

Here, we’ll discuss the common issues that crop up in bathroom taps and later we will move to the solutions part.

Leaking taps is a very common problem that almost every household faces at some or the other point of time. If the Hot and Cold pillar taps are the one that is giving you problems, the issue is probably a faulty seal or washer. Fixing it would solve the problem instantly. It is important to fix the leaking tap immediately as it will prevent wastage of water and prevent damage to the fixture and fittings in your bathroom. Moreover, it’s always annoying to have a leaking bathroom tap. Continuous leaking can also discolor the tiles and fixture & fittings in your bathroom. So, don’t blame the limescale that will make your bathroom look ugly. Take prompt action before the leaking faucet in your bathroom does the damage and becomes hard to control.Birth room Tap Fitting

Low water pressure is another problem in bathroom taps. Less water pressure in bathroom taps is an important concern that should be looked into immediately. It is noteworthy that water usually flows into the pipes of the entire house- the bathroom, balcony and living room basin first from the kitchen. Yes, that cold kitchen taps. Check them out, if water pressure is absent in them, then check the stop valves which you can locate under the kitchen sink. Turn them anti-clockwise and see if the pressure is coming back to normal.Birth room Tap Fitting

If your bathroom tap is leaking near the joints, call a plumber immediately to change the pipe.  The bathroom tap can also restrict water outflow if any pipe is damaged. For instance, in extreme weather conditions such as in peak summers and in harsh winters, the plumbing pipes are prone to damage and breakage. So fixing your bathroom tap may lead to you a plumbing problem in the pipes in the outdoor area of your house.Birth room Tap Fitting

Every work is a specialized one and if you want that plumbing issues are resolved at the earliest by trained people, then do consider a professional company that has experts to do the job.  There are reputed on-demand home services companies in Delhi/NCR which have trained and experienced staff on board to tackle various issues such as that of plumbing interrupting your daily life. One such professional company is Lifeasy– one of the highly trusted and popular on-demand home services provider which not only provides immediate assistance but also charges a nominal fee.

Tune in to this space for more discussion related to plumbing issues. Meanwhile, educate yourself about fixing your bathroom tap- the problems and solutions.

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