Home Services: The new-age corporate E-Gifting

by Lifeasy
Home Services

Employee benefit programs are being changed and tweaked to suit the requirements of the employees. Giving holiday packages and leaves is passé’ now as the new age generation needs more practical solutions and benefits that can make their lives easier. Corporates are fast realizing the fact that the best of their employees are not only interested in financial compensation only but are also looking for better benefit programs. Therefore, employers have started offering benefits programs that include home services such as Electrical, Plumber, Carpenter, Cleaning Services, AC repair, Home Appliances repair & installation, IT Repair etc. by background verified staff with a fast TAT.

E- Gifting of the aforementioned and many other services would be just perfect as employees usually don’t get enough time to run errands for house maintenance work. Be it the sofa/carpet cleaning services or AC repair services- all the work needs time and attention. By gifting them the vouchers of the aforementioned services, you as employers are going to make their life a lot easier and your employees won’t stop thanking you enough for the rest of the year. Yes, yearly home packages are available for E-Gifting which are suitable for both individuals and families.  Almost all services are provided in the yearly package that are required for complete house maintenance.

All the home based services if provided by the employer make the employees more attached emotionally to the company and they feel a sense of loyalty towards their employer and organization. This leads to a high employee retention rate and more people are interested in working for the organization which are providing such additional benefits of employee benefit program. The Talent acquisition team is able to incorporate the best hiring process and is able to hire people that work to their fullest capacity in achieving the goals of the organization they work for. The best part about the program is that the employees are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance which is quite a missing factor in todays faced paced corporate life. Give your employees the deserving opportunity they need to maintain a great professional and personal life balance.

As a part of Employee Benefit Programs, employers can definitely give their employers various home improvement services as gift vouchers.  With verified staff and assurance of high quality work within the predefined time frame can be truly a great gift for all your employees. The peace of mind and relaxation that one gets after the successful completion of house related maintenance work is more than welcome. Lifeasy presents the Employee Benefit Program which enables corporates to gift their employees’ home services as benefit programs.

Lifeasy offer priority services with a quick TAT.  The corporate package includes various services such as Electrical, Plumber, Carpenter, All Home Appliances installation & Repair, etc. It offers more than 200 services in over 18 categories. With a strong team of support staff and skilled and verified workers, Lifeasy acts a wonderful solution for all home maintenance and home improvement needs on timely basis. It is a perfect Employee Benefit Program that employees are surely going to love.


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