How much professional home painting cost?

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Home painting is required for the regular maintenance and upkeep of the house. Not only it takes care of the beautification of the home but repair of damaged walls too is taken care of, during the painting process. If you are wondering as to how much professional painting costs, then you should know that the approximate calculation depends upon several factors.

In this article, we’ll discuss as to what constitutes the factors on which the professional costing can be adjudged.

Lining room/ bedrooms bathrooms, Walls, ceilings, Cabin sets, Railing Doors, Wood staining and varnishing: all this is covered in home painting services. There are various processes involved in painting starting from scraping, sanding, caulking to Priming. So, it depends upon the size of your house, and the present condition of the walls. If there are cracks and wall repair is needed, then additional wall painting material is required. For wooden material, you have to spend on wood finishes and the cost will depend on the size of the cabinets, number of the doors, windows etc.

An important part of the home painting process is waterproofing that makes interiors of the house damp-proof. Waterproofing is done in interiors of the ceilings of the house, bathrooms etc to prevent seepage of water as it damages the walls instantly. Thus, when home painting is done, you should be spending upon waterproofing solutions too.

The cost of painting will also depend on the choice of your paint/ finish you want for your house. For instance, for the plain finish you have to get the plain paint and if you want to add texture, then you have to buy the texture paint. The texture is usually done to highlight a wall making it look distinct from the other walls. Texture paint is little expensive than the plain finish wall. You can get paint to get premium finishes that is costlier than the plain finish paints it gives walls more shine. It is important to note that different kinds of paint are available for exteriors as they can withstand harsh weather conditions. So, you have to buy paint material that is required for external portion of the house.


You can also get stencils for your walls to create distinct patterns for interior walls. In-home painting you can also opt for wall decals which make it very interesting giving it a visual appeal and virtually adds a new dimension to your homes. Home decals are available at reasonable prices.

Thus, there are several factors that constitute the cost of home painting. So, its better you get in touch with a professional company that will give you an actual estimate of the cost that you have to incur in the painting of your house. Just give a call to a professional company and they will send experts to inspect your house and give you a total estimate of the painting cost.

If you want to hire professional painters for the job, which is a good idea, as the entire house will be done by trained people, minimizing wastage of material leading to a reasonable cost. You can consider a professional on-demand service company such as Lifeasy which is one of the renowned companies in Delhi/NCR offering professional home painting services at competitive rates.

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