How to Take Care of Your Home Appliances

by Lifeasy

Human beings need 3 things to exist- food, clothing and a house to live in. And what’s the most essential thing for a home maker to exist. yes, you guessed it right, it’s her very precious home appliances. Home appliances no doubt make the life of every human on Earth easy especially for the lady of the house. But like us, who keeps a tab on our health, home appliances also need to be looked after and taken care of. Refrigerators, Microwaves, Washing Machines all need time to time care so that they can give you services without any hiccups.


So, how does one need to take care of their Home Appliances Repair? We list out some of the points that can be kept in mind for the smooth working of these gadgets.


  • After using the microwave, always clean the spills on the revolving tray to avoid any stains.
  • Make sure that the microwave oven door is properly closed before starting it.
  • Don’t use plastic utensils while heating or cooking as they can melt and harm the food constituents.
  • Always use a soft cloth while cleaning as harsh cleaning pads might result in scratches.
  • Always clean the edges of the door carefully as they save us from the harmful radiations emitted
  • Don’t operate the microwave when its empty as this might reduce the life of the appliance and the steam emitted could be bad for health.
  • If you see any problem in the working, or the microwave is making noise or a burning smell is coming, immediately call Lifeasy and seek help from professionals


  • Keep a temperature monitor and keep a watch on the proper working of the fridge.
  • Make sure the working temperature of the fridge is appropriate so that the food stays fresh for a long time.
  • Avoid overloading your fridge and also don’t keep the fridge door open for too long.
  • Always bring hot food to room temperature and then only put it into the fridge
  • Get your fridge thoroughly cleaned and checked by a professional from Lifeasy to make it last longer.


  • Always wipe your machine drum after every cycle with a damp cloth and also wipe the outside of the machine ever week with a damp cloth
  • Use a washing machine cleaner monthly to clean the washer
  • Leave the lid of the machine open after every cycle to allow the moisture inside the drum to evaporate.
  • In case you hear loud sound or see water spilling out from the machine, call Lifeasy and take the services of a professional straightaway.

 Home appliances are more of a necessity these days rather than luxury products and their upkeep and maintenance is most important. Like any other services, they also need the help pf professionals for their wellbeing. So, go on and book an appointment with our service professionals and keep your home appliances clean.

 If you notice any kind of spill inside your washer, just wipe it away with a damp soft cloth right away. This is required to avoid the spill from spreading more and affecting the functioning of the machine.

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