Modular Kitchen Design Ideas And Tips

by Lifeasy

Happiest moments of our days and sweet memories are created everyday in the heart of our homes which we call it as kitchens. From brewing up a cup of tea to making scrumptious meals, it is your kitchen where you spend most parts of your day. This makes it an important reason to make your kitchen a comfortable place where in you can craft your delicacies to perfection.

Over the years, interior designers have rediscovered the art of living where in the focus is not just on your living room or bed room, but also while designing the homes emphasis are laid on your kitchen. Concept of modular kitchen is capturing more and more people now days as it is no longer seen as a luxury or style statement but as a necessity.

A Modular Kitchen ensures that you get a contemporary look with well organised storage and a comfortable functionality. A well planned modular kitchen provides you an ample of storage even if your kitchen is small in size.  If you are considering a revamp of your kitchen then you must keep in mind certain aspects that will ensure that you will get a perfect kitchen as per your requirement.Design of Modular Kitchen

While designing a modular kitchen you will need to consider its shape. You can the format of your modular in variety of shapes like U-shaped, L- shaped, Regular straight shaped or parallel modular kitchen. An ideal shape for kitchens is Ushaped kitchen which provides maximum work and storage space. In this kind of kitchen you can easily define different work areas based on your requirements.

One of most important aspect of your kitchen is storage. A good storage space ensures that your cooking space is looks clear, stylish and well organised. A well planned storage in kitchen not only looks great aesthetically but also it also allows practical functioning of kitchen.

Utilising every little corner of your kitchen is one of the best ways to achieve maximum storage. Use this space to store up utensils that you use on rare occasions. Customise your drawers with partitions for your cutleries and utensils. Add drawer inserts to make space for storing your spices and other raw food materials. You may want to add an additional drawer for your crockery’s to be stored separately.

Get a few trendy hooks installed in your kitchen to hang your cooking spoons, pots and pans neatly, this will not give your kitchen a neat look but will make it easier for your pick them while cooking. Design a few of your cabinets with glass front doors to flaunt your wine and dine wares. You can add a light in these cabinets to give them a chic look.

Another important aspect of your kitchen is the work surface. Your countertop should of enough space for you to work comfortably. Ensure that you get it designed with durable finish which is easy to clean and maintain in long run.

Additionally before giving your kitchen a new modular look, consider the best possible finish for the shelves, overhead cabinets and drawers. You can choose from variety of finishes like veneer finish, glass finish, laminate finish and so on. While choosing the finish, ensure it is to maintain. Give a unique look to your kitchen by choosing a colour scheme that defines your taste and style.

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