Modular Kitchen

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Modular Kitchen

Do you know that kitchen layout planning requires intelligent and astute perspective so that it suits the available space, allows maximum utilization of space and looks good too? Do you also know that Forms, Design, Functionality along with aesthetics are some crucial factors that are taken care of while designing a kitchen layout? A modular kitchen is not about randomly thrusting baskets beneath the kitchen slab and putting cabinets above the gas stove. In fact, modular kitchens require meticulous planning and space utilization so that there’s harmony between the floor area and the workstations. I/n this article, we will unleash the fabulous world of modular kitchens and how they are planned. Moreover, we’ll further discuss the L shape kitchen layout.

The marvelous world of Modular Kitchens

Modern homeowners’ want the best modular kitchens and the demands for various layouts have gone through the roof. Modular kitchens blend within the architecture of the house, and moreover, they complement the beauty of the house. The concept of modular kitchen is based on the principles of creating a ‘Dynamic Kitchen.’ There are five kitchen layouts- U shaped, Island shaped, G- Line Shaped, Gallery Kitchen, L shaped and in- Line shaped kitchen. The shape and layout may be different, but in all modular kitchens, it is ensured that workflow is a smooth process and each zone of the kitchen is aligned in such a manner that it enhances the efficiency of the cook.  Basically, in a modern kitchen layout planning is done by five kitchen zones. Yes, another secret we’ll let out – that there are kitchen zones or work areas and the modular kitchen designer works to bring harmony of movement and creating accessibility among these five areas which are – consumable, non-consumable, cleaning, preparation and cooking. All efforts are directed towards achieving the correct and accurate arrangement of these areas to ensure smooth workflow.

An expert modular kitchen designer will create ample storage space. The emphasis is on creating excellent storage space and ensuring maximum utilization of the available space. A sound designer will always seek your suggestions regarding the amount of space you will be required- the size, shape and the number of containers and appliances that need commandeering while designing the perfect storage space for you. One of the most significant benefits of getting a modular kitchen is that the dead space is fully utilized. The Space Corner is a great idea to use the corner space as it enables getting the complete view of the items stored and it is designed in such a way that it blends perfectly with the rest of the layout lines providing a seamless look. It is ensured that the corner storage is blended into the cabinets and they do not protrude outside the corners. A professional designer will not make the blunder of creating shelves in the base as it is uncomfortable to locate things on the shelves by bending and searching for them.  Instead of base cabinets, drawers or deep pull-outs work the best. A modular kitchen layout will include fully extending drawers that can be pulled out all the way out of the cabinet. Moreover, full extension drawers are also incorporated into the modular kitchen to get a complete view of the items in the drawers.

So, the attempt is to make a kitchen more user-friendly and preventing wastage of time by minimizing the workflow movement of the cook. In a nutshell, highly organized cooking is the essence of a modular kitchen which harmonizes the flow between different work areas.

Modular Kitchen

Professional modular kitchen designers at Lifeasy

Are you thinking about getting a modular kitchen at a favorable price? Well, if that’s what on your mind, you are more than welcome to Lifeasy– India’s’ best on-demand home services provider that offers awesome modular kitchens at moderate prices. Intelligent and innovative designers who have clever ideas brimming in their heads are ready to unleash their creativity in designing the perfect modular kitchen for you. They are highly skilled at integrating the space corner concept brilliantly making the dead space in corners highly useful. They have the expertise in making the otherwise dead Space Come Alive and take great care of the Wire ware Storage.

Stunning looks and perfect ergonomics at competitive prices can be expected from Lifeasy. The designers brainstorm for achieving the perfect functional Planning of Modular Kitchen and for Planning the perfect Layout. The Perfect Kitchen created by them will allow smooth movement and create a desirable work area. Consumable & Non –Consumable Zone, the Cleaning Zone, the preparation zone and the cooking zone –all zones and factors are taken into consideration by Lifeasy’s experts. Modern designs in Kitchen Accessories that offer great functionality along with spectacular look- Lifeasy will give you all. Get in touch with the experts at, or you can call @- 8586882266.

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