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Winters are harbinger of festivity and celebrations. The chilly weather makes it a perfect time for family outings and picnics. On the same time extreme cold can be a reason of discomfort and unease as well. Hot water geysers came in as an answer to all the winter woes and have become a commonly used home appliance now. Its main purpose is to supply hot water for a number of different household activities like bathing, cleaning, washing etc. But your winter savior can also get into problems from time to time. So before the winter sets in, you must be all ready to face it and enjoy it as well. We bring you all the necessary information linked with geyser issues so that you know when to call for Geyser Repair / Installation services and get it fixed. The first and the foremost thing you need to ask yourself is that “is your geyser ready to face the winters?” Well here we give you an insight to some of the most basic problems with geyser.


Discontinuation in flow of hot water

One of the most common problems being faced while using a geyser is discontinuation in the flow of hot water. The reason can be some fault in the heating element or the thermostat of the geyser. In either of the cases you require the help of a professional. Call a professional geyser repair/installation services and get your geyser fixed.

Water not being properly heated

Inside a geyser the temperature is maintained by a device called thermostat. All geysers have a temperature range of 40-75 Degree Celsius. So in case the water coming out of your geyser is not hot enough, you need to check the settings of the thermometer and if the setting is at a low temperature, you need to increase it. If even after changing the settings, the problem persists then there may be some fault in the thermostat. In such a case the faulty thermostat requires be repaired or replaced by a professional geyser repair /installation services.

Noise from the geyser

Sometimes due to the deposition of salt and minerals at the bottom of the water heater tank, geyser starts making a loud humming or hissing noise. This can also affect the heating capacity of your geyser and hence the water tank needs to be cleaned from time to time. Call for a professional geyser repair/installation services and get it done.

Now you know when to call for professional Geyser Installation Services so you can get prepared for the winters beforehand and enjoy it incessantly. Also you need to keep in mind that if you have been using your geyser for a time period of more than 10 years and is giving trouble or working unsteadily along with leaking around the base, then it’s probably time for getting it replacement. However, before considering a replacement, make sure that the malfunctioning is not due to some electrical problem.


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