Split AC installation Essentials

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Split AC Installation

Are you one of those who are scared of scorching summers? Well, we all are, aren’t we? We all crave for a spot-on cool place to chill out, after coming back home during the summers. That’s exactly why almost every other house now has air conditioners installed. Considering the fact that buying an air conditioner is a costly affair and a precious investment, one should make sure that the investment serves its purpose. One should be aware of the important factors to be considered while getting an AC installed. It may seem no rocket science getting an AC installed. But whether or not you receive the desired outcome i.e. the perfect cooling effect depends hugely on the AC installation. If not done properly, the air conditioner may not do its job of cooling perfectly. Improper installation may also lead to the need for frequent servicing.

Split AC Installation

Following are the few factors to be considered while getting your air condition installed:

  1. Size of the unit: It is very important that you buy AC unit best suitable for your room size. You must get this assessed first that which tonnage (1/1.5/2/2.5 Ton) of AC will be required to get the best cooling effect in a room.

If the AC tonnage capacity is small, it may fail to cool the room. If you buy a larger unit than necessary, it will cause unnecessary consumption of electricity since your room may not need that magnitude of cooling.

  1. Placement of the unit: Proper Placement of both indoor and outdoor units are very important. The Indoor unit should be mounted on a strong wall and should not be tilted unnecessarily. Similarly, the outdoor units should be placed on a flat surface in a spacious/ open area and preferably on a high-quality stand. 
  1. The Distance between the indoor units from the outdoor unit? The distance between the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioners should be kept as less as possible, the maximum permissible distance is 15 -20 feet. If the distance is more, it is advisable that extra coolant gas to be filled. 
  1. Installation Material / Accessories : While it is important to buy the best AC of popular brands, it is also equally important to use the best quality installation material and accessories like MCB switch, Stabilizer, Cooper Pipe, Drain Pipe as these play a critical role in AC functioning and durability. Saving cost here can be a costly affair in future.

AC Installation surely needs to be done by experienced and expert person and it is advisable that one should get this done by only professional companies.If you are looking for such experts then Lifeasy is the right choice. We are just a call away if you are looking AC Installation Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Faridabad.

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