Benefits of taking AC AMC

by Lifeasy

Air Conditioning is one of the costliest home appliance and maintenance of AC units are even costlier.

Since the usage of AC is  very high as AC are operational almost 8-12 hours every day for approx 9 months in Delhi/ NCR, the need and frequency of maintenance and repair are  also very high.

There are many critical components in AC are like Compressor, Cooling Coils, Fan Motor, Controller Unit ( PCB) etc. There is also the frequent requirement of coolant gas refill due to various reasons.

Every household spent a lot of amounts every year on these maintenance activities. Thus, it is advisable to buy AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for your AC. It is estimated that buying an AMC gives your approx 60% saving on your ac maintenance expenses and approx 25% in electricity expenses.

There are two types of options in AMC.

  1. Non-Comprehensive AMC
  2. Comprehensive AMC

In Non-Comprehensive AMC, only labor and service charges are covered while Comprehensive AMC covers the repair/replacement of spare parts with service and labor cost. Since AMC gives you the option to get service multiple times, it saves you money on electricity as well as frequent AC servicing improves AC performance .


To understand more, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a contract between customer and service provider to offer maintenance and repair services for the whole year. Annual maintenance service save you from unforeseen repair and maintenance costs. Due to AMC, the service providers offer prompt services. You can be sure of the authenticity of the spare parts used thus saving your air conditioner from any performance hindrance. All kinds of regular maintenance and repair services are generally covered by the AMC, however, getting detail information before buying is always better.

To summarize, benefits that can be availed from Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) are as follows:

  • Regular and frequent maintenance
  • Immediate attention of service personnel even to smallest of repair issues
  • The Assured authenticity of the spare parts
  • Save yourself from frauds and unnecessary expenditures
  • Customer satisfaction being their sole aim, service providers lend you the maximum support even during the oddest hours of the day.

Another challenge is to find a trusted professional company who stay true to their contract and provide you all the services covered under the contract without any hassles. If you are wondering which professional company to choose from best AMC plans, Lifeasy is the most reliable choice of residents of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. You can book services online or call us on 8586882266 for most trusted and reliable AC AMC plans. Opt for our effective and suitable AC AMC plan and keep your AC maintained on a timely basis.

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