Worried About Termites? Signs and Solutions

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Termites are a universal problem and protecting your home and belongings from termites is one of the most crucial of all tasks to save your home and wealth from damages. Damages done by termites are not covered by home insurance so be cautious about their signs and their rise. The termites that may be nesting in your house since years can be the cause of loss of your wealth. So, make yourself aware of the signs of termites and how to get rid of them.

One can avoid damages by applying precautionary measures. Either do a regular search for termite signs in your home or you can even take annual damage protection steps offered by a professional pest control company who can help you in removing all the worries associated with termite damages.

Top three signs of Termites activity:

Mud Tubes at Several Places

You may have seen mud tubes wherever ground touches your house or may be even on trees or moist places and sheds. These are nest and breeding grounds for termites. If you find these tubes intact then try to break them from somewhere in between. If you find termites crawling out that means termites are active in your place. Mostly they abandon the broken tubes but many a time they rebuilt the broken area too.

Discarded Termites Wings

Discarded wings can be found near closed doors, windows and other entrance points. When termites start new colony after leaving their nests they twist their wings off while landing on a different location, as they would no longer need them. This is a definite sign of termite presence in your home, office or your living space. Termites wings are of same size so do keep a check on this sign.

Damaged Wooden Furniture, Doors and other Belongings

Termites chew through the wood and create grooves and over a period of time wood weakens, leading to irreparable damages. Also, if you see dusty particles falling from your furniture and wooden items it is a sign of termites’ presence in your home and office. Always prefer to take experts advice to test the hallowed areas in your belongings. They have tools to check for the signs without cutting or breaking your valuables.

How to Protect your Belongings from Termites

Precautionary steps are essential whether you find a sign of termites or not to save yourself from future worries and losses. If you are based in Delhi NCR then hire experts in pest control services in Delhi NCR via Lifeasy, one of the leading On-Demand Home Maintenance Services providers. The pest control experts use powerful chemicals to get rid of pests and bugs from your home, office or other important premises. Lifeasy offers you an easy access to thousands of professionally qualified hands with years of experience in pest control services in Delhi. Reach out to pest control professionals using Lifeasy for a peaceful and worry-free living.




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